Find Your Syro Malankara
Catholic Match


Malankara catholic matrimony celebrates the auspicious joining of souls, in their way. The cultural traditions they follow are per formation of this denomination in Christianity during the 1st century. This denomination is also known as Malankara nasrani. Thus, it could be said that the customs followed during Malankara catholic matrimony rituals is one of the oldest traditions that exist, even after 20 centuries or generations that evolved during this period.

History of Malankara Catholics

The evangelistic activity of St. Thomas, the apostle is the basis for the formation of Malankara Christians or nasranis. The whole community of Christians that come under the group of people who got converted under St. Thomas, the apostle, was organized under one roof named Province of India. This was under the Church of East conducted by Patriarch Timothy I during the 8th century (780 to 823 AD).

When the Church of East was declining, there was a move to bring Malankara Christians into Catholic churches, which resulted in a community rift. Majority of people stood by Portuguese who were trying for an alliance with two denominations of Christianity. These people joined a Christian denomination that is directly under Eastern Catholic Churches that follow a formal communion with Holy See in Rome. This came to be known as the Syro-Malabar Catholic Church.

The Christians, who did not side with Portuguese, formed a different denomination of Christianity referred to as Malankara church. They follow the holy communion of Syriac Orthodox Church, which is an Oriental Orthodox group under Christianity. Thus, the Malankara division or denomination of Christianity was formed, which follows the West Syriac Rite.

St. Thomas Christians got further divided into Syro-Malankara Catholic Church & Syro-Malabar Catholic church. Syro-Malankara Catholic Church got arisen from Oriental Orthodox faction under Bishop Geevarghese Ivanios in the 1930s. The Oriental Orthodox faction has both Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church & Jacobite Syrian Christian Church under its wings after Malankara church got split into these denominations in 1912.

Holy Matrimony

Malankara catholic matrimony includes the holy communion of hearts & souls of Malankara catholic brides & Malankara catholic grooms. The initial step of Malankara catholic matrimony begins with a Malankara catholic groom going on to see a Malankara catholic bride in the female’s house or church under the observation of a pastor along with parents of both. Once they get to know each other, an alliance is fixed & the date for engagement ceremony is set. During the engagement ceremony, an initial & crucial part of Malankara catholic matrimony, the people involved which include the Malankara catholic groom and Malankara catholic bride exchange rings and a holy promise under the divine eyes of Jesus Christ, with Pastor as the main mediator & observer.

Thus, a Malankara catholic matrimony entails festivities to celebrate a marriage or wedding between two likeminded people, under the proud eyes of family, & friends along with blessing from Jesus Christ, with the pastor acting as a mediator.