Syro Malankara Catholic Grooms

Marriage is said to be a long-lasting and never-ending relationship that happens between two hearts and souls. This sacrament has got lots of similarities to the wedding rituals conducted by other communities. First, an event is held where the bride’s family visits the Malankara Catholic Grooms family to know each other and if satisfied by both the families they fix the date for their betrothal

Once the manasamatham date is fixed both the Malankara Catholic Grooms and bride’s families gather at the catholic church of the bride. Here the priest will ask for a confirmation from both the Syro Malankara Groom and Bride whether they are willing to get married to each other. And as per the customary practice, a ring exchange function will be taken place between the Malankara Catholic Groom and Bride as a part of the betrothal ceremony.

The Syro Malankara Groom will be appareled in a formal suit or tuxedo with a necktie and shoes that complement with the Malankara catholic Grooms outfit. The Syro Malankara Groom should cover any unwanted tattoos or remove any unconventional piercings during the wedding ceremony as it is considered as a sign of disrespect for the priest or pastor conducting the wedding.

A bachelor party, similar to the bridal shower will be organized and arranged for the Malankara Catholic Groom by his male companions and close cousins that take place before the eve of the wedding. On the day of the wedding, the bride will be greeted at the church by the Malankara Catholic Grooms Family and is accompanied into the church by the Malankara Catholic Grooms's best man who is his immediate friend or relative.

The Malankara Catholic Groom will tie a Thali or essentially known as Mangalsutra that has got a leaf-shaped dangling pendant with a symbol of cross attached to it that acts as a strong relationship bonding towards each other. After this, both the Malankara Catholic Groom and bride are blessed by the pastor and assert as Husband and Wife.

After the wedding, a reception will be held where both the Malankara Catholic Groom and Bride exit the church and enter the banquet hall to attend the reception. Here a splendid and luxurious meal will be offered for all the guests. Both the Groom and Bride are made to cut a wedding cake and feed each other with the first two pieces before they are distributed to the guests.