Syro Malankara Catholic Brides

An ideal type of marriage or catholic wedding is a lifelong and enduring relationship or bond where both men and women enter into a mutual understanding when they commence with this beautiful venture. The rituals performed in Catholic weddings are as same as that of the traditional Christian nuptials. Starting from the wedding outfits to the jewelry worn by Malankara Catholic Brides, these weddings are considered quite different from our imagination.

When anticipating the wedding one of the biggest decisions to be made by the Malankara catholic bride is what will be her ensemble for her big day. The Malankara Catholic Bride can select a gown as per her style and color that maintains the tradition of the wedding. The Syro Malankara catholic brides fall under the Jacobite and Marthomite communities hence the wedding function of the Syro Malankara Catholic Brides will be held in a Catholic church that is situated in their nearby locality. The Malankara Catholic Bride will be garmented herself in a floor-length gown which will be in white depicting purity and Chastity. The Syro Malankara catholic bride will cover herself with a veil which is a customary practice that is followed in the religion of Christianity.

The Malankara Catholic bride must avoid wearing gowns with steeply falling necklines as they exhibit or reveals too much cleavage as this can cause physical discomfort when the couple is asked to kneel during the prayer conducted by the priest. Before the wedding day, a small anointing function will be held that is similar to the Haldi ceremony carried out at Hindu weddings. Here the Malankara Catholic bride will be a given a ritualistic bath where her intimate relatives and friends will smear a mixture of oil and turmeric powder across her forehead, cheeks, hands and feet followed by music and a set of sequence steps, an exquisite meal and drinks-making the ceremony an unforgettable one.

On the day of the wedding, the Malankara Catholic Bride gets ready in her house and sets off to the Catholic Church escorted by her close friends dressed as bridesmaid and a few of her relatives. The Malankara Catholic bride then enters the church, from where she starts her long-lasting journey with the love of her life.